Our facilitators use the dEQ process to intervene and help organizations & individuals awaken inner experience to de-mechanize the body and release stored information positively; we DYNAMIZE your organization/team.  The dEQ process has four steps:



First, we uncover our personal stories and analyze the genealogy.  We go back to fetch our common & uncommon, familiar & unfamiliar, comfortable & uncomfortable history. 



Next, we express ourselves fully, using movement, sound, touch and words AND we do it together; NOT JUST 'sit-and-get' intellectual or theoretical exercises.  This type of work creates a shared language so that we recognize one another & can dynamize how we relate.  It allows us to see from different perspectives and it gives the opportunity to reframe different situations.  This reframing changes how our brains process important events & even tension-filled situations.



Thirdly, we re-align head, heart and body.  We can fully let ourselves bee seen.  We can be wholehearted in our expression of self.  We are kinder and gentler to ourselves and others.  Together we learn to self-regulate, to interrupt internalized monologues.  We recover our sense of self and we remember that we are enough.  



Lastly, we develop emotional intelligence.  This skill helps us to better connect to others and to comprehend others.  Reading others well (emotionally) gives personal and professional capacity for adaptation: adjustments and movements towards action to shift racial responses and outcomes towards equity. 


We listen to you. That is the beginning of this process. From there, a number of important works can begin, including but not limited to:

  • Embodied Equity Games

  • Embodied Equity Exercise

  • Learning Circles

  • Team-building Exercises

  • Dialogue Practices

  • Story-telling Exercises

  • Individual Thought Exercises

  • Team Thought Exercises

  • Readings

  • Handouts

These careful works, along with our expert guidance and purposeful facilitation, are the bridge from the problems framed by your organization and the dynamized equity you envision instead.

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