Founder & Facilitator - Denise Farai Williams

D. Farai Williams Bio photo.jpg

D. Farai Williams, Founder & Facilitator with, Dynamizing Equity (dEQ) & Idjeli Theater Works (ITW), is an artist, theater of the oppressed facilitator, racial equity strategist and cultural organizer. “I use theater and culture-based tools, as a method of personal and social inquiry; to synergies the head, heart & body for radical healing. By acting and dramatizing personal stories, our reflective minds begin to shape stronger ideas against racial oppression and inequity [particularly the racial oppression we have internalized]”. The result-invigoration to rebuild healthy, equitable communities. Farai holds a master’s of fine arts degree from the Institute for Advanced Theater Training at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University and Moscow Theater Arts School. Farai currently serves as a, partner and racial equity strategist with The Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP). She is also the Core-Coordinator for the Network of Immigrants and African Americans building Solidarity and a faculty member with Southern Jamaica Plains’, Racial Reconciliation and Healing Project.


In my 20 years of work, engagement and organizing, I’ve never met another artist or educator who is as deeply committed to community authorship and ownership, or who, to quote a young person from our Racial Reconciliation and Healing Program, “just gets it” when it comes to building community and sharing power. Farai took us though a number of activities, expertly increasing in the level of risk, while carefully closing us out each day. Her ability to hold space, was truly magical. As a facilitator/youth worker, I felt utterly safe to fully participate and do some of my own reconciliation and healing work, while Farai calmly managed the affect in the room, guided and celebrated our individual movement and continually brought the participants back into the circle to debrief and make meaning. …As Farai says, “reconciliation and healing is not a neck up activity”. Farai has the ability to laser in on individual processes and connections, but also think and feel systemically, she understands and can work with community as a whole.
— Abigail Ortiz, MSW, MPH Director of Community Health Programs Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center